The DXE-USB is a single cable USB extender capable of transmitting bi-directional USB2.0 over a CAT 6 SHIELDED* cable. Together (DXE-USB-S2) the DXE-USB-H2 (Host PC Side) & DXE-USB-D2 (Device Accessory Side) work together to extend to USB up to 220 feet at a full 480Mbps. To make installations easier the DXE-USB-D2 receives it power over the CAT cable from the DXE-USB-H2 and has dual USB ports with the built in hub. Both units can be ordered individually to work with other devices such as the DXW-2EU which also has USB extension capabilities. Even better the DXE-USB-D2 can supply up to 1A of power allowing for use with power hungry devices like "Smart Boards", touch screens, tablet charging, etc. Low cost, low power, simplicity, and compatibility with other Aurora USB extender products makes the DXE-USB the solution of choice. *Note: Use of non-shielded cable may damage DXE-USB device. Power Supply NOT included, please order separately.

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