YIPI (Your IP Interface) is a software platform designed to help AV integrators create graphic control pages for automated environments. YIPI is currently available as a free download to qualified integrators from Aurora’s web site.
Loaded with complete graphics tools and button resources, YIPI has few limitations. The most important feature is that YIPI exports generic HTML web code that can be edited with many web authoring tools and can be used with nearly any system platform. Button images are easily “dropped” onto pages via YIPI’s drag and drop design environment and assigned commands that “speak” directly to a WACI controller. Buttons can deliver either individual commands or call events from a WACI QX processors, which can then send multiple commands (macros) through many different control ports. YIPI provides direct control for; serial, IR, relay, I/O and IP connections and can trigger complex macros by using named events within WACI QX’s built-in Event Manager.