TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets

Increase safety with a quick temperature check Aurora introduces TAURI, an Android based all-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablet.

    • Digital Signage

      TAURI Custom Digital Signage

      What is the truth?

      Learn how to use Aurora's Core Studio software to create custom digital signage content on your TAURI tablet.

    • Questionnaire

      TAURI Custom Questionnaire

      What is the truth?

      This video teaches you how to use Core Studio software from Aurora to customize the questionnaire feature in TAURI.  Add your own questions or other content for compliance with your organization's policies.

    • Calibration

      TAURI Environmental Calibration

      What is the truth?

      It is recommended that you calibrate your TAURI tablet once you place it in a new location.  This video will walk you through the calibration process.

    • Firmware

      TAURI Firmware Update

      What is the truth?

      View the steps for updating your TAURI tablet firmware in this quick tutorial video.